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Posting-A-Job help

Posting a Job

How Do I Post A Job?

Its eZe - just fill out the "Post a Job" form on the main Homepage or by logging into your members area. There are just four short stages to post your job.

Try to provide as much detail as possible as this will allow the Tradesmen to provide a more accurate quote.

You can also upload photos / plans / sketches to help give tradesmen a clearer idea of what you require.

You then choose when you want the job to start, how long you want the job to be listed on and how you wish to be contacted by traders.

How much does it cost to post a job?

Nothing! SimpleZebra is a completely free service to help businesses and the public find traders. The price you arrange with the trader is all you pay!

Whats happens after I post my job?

As soon as you post your job, you will receive an email confirming that your job is now submitted. This email will provide a username and password, which you can later use to login to your simplezebra account.

SimpleZebra will automatically notify all available local tradesmen of your requirements.

You will then start receiving quotes and interest via your simplezebra account from reputable tradesmen capable of completing your job. Simply Login in using your username and password and review quotes and feedback from interested tradesmen.
**(NB We will send you an email/ SMS alerting you that Tradesmen have provided quotes)

By logging into your SimpleZebra account you will also be able to;

  • Edit details of your job
  • Review responses from Tradesmen
  • Check their Feedback from previous jobs
  • Invite other tradesmen to quote on your job
  • Hire your chosen tradesman

How long does it take to post my job?

It only takes around 1 minute to post your job on, giving you instant access to hundreds of reputable local traders. Compare this to the length of time it would take to trawl through directories and classifieds hoping to find a good honest tradesman.

I forgot to include some details on the job. Can I add them in?

You sure can! simply login to your SimpleZebra account by clicking "Login" on the top right hand side of the homepage. Enter you username and password. This will bring you to a secure section of the site where you can update your job details by clicking on "Edit Job"
(*NB Your username and password will be emailed to you as soon as you register / post a job on Simplezebra)

Where do I find My User Name + Password?

Check your emails from simplezebra. You will have received an email notification detailing your Username and Password as soon as you register on or post a job.

Ive Forgotten my Username & Password?

Simply click here and enter your email address. We will instantly send you an email.....

I have already found a tradesman. How do I cancel my job?

Login to your account on and click on the "job complete" icon. This will prevent you receivng any further quotes or interest from Tradesmen on this job.

Can I Invite a tradesman to Quote on a job?<

Of course you can. Simply login to your members area and click the "request a quote" button beside the trader you wish to quote on your job. Alternatively, if you find a trader in our directory listing which you like the sound of click "Get a Quote" and that trader will contacted directly about your job.

Selecting your Tradesman

How do I know what tradesmen are interested in my job?

I'd like to speak to a potential tradesman. How do I do that?
You certainly can. Within your members area you can click on the "request a call" button on the specific tradesman you wish to contact you.

Some of the tradesman haven't provided a quote. Can I ask them to?

Of course you can. Simply login to your members area and click the "request a quote" button beside the trader you wish to quote on your job.

Ive decided which tradesman I want. What's next?

Great news! Once you have found your perfect trader simply click on the orange "Accept?" button on your chosen tradesman. This process will instantly inform the tradesmen he has been successful in acquiring your job and they will be in touch shortly.

I've accepted the wrong tradesman! What do I do?

No problem, drop us an email at and we'll notify the trader.

Is the estimate provided the final price I pay?

Yes. SimpleZebra is a FREE service for customers. Whatever price is finally agreed between you and the tradesman is the final price you shall pay.

A tradesman has asked me to deal with them outside the site. Is this allowed?

Of course. However SimpleZebra has put certain safeguards in place to ensure you are dealing with the right trader. Our Rate & Review system helps you understand what type of trader you are dealing with. We also provide a platform which allows you to interact with other tradesmen to ensure you end up with a fair price.

I've accepted a Tradesman By Mistake. Can I cancel this?

No problem, drop us an email at and we'll notify the trader

Quality and Reputation of Tradesmen

Why should I be seeking a tradesman through SimpleZebra?

Let us take the hassle out of finding a Tradesman! We have done our best to recruit a reputable and reliable base of tradesmen across Northern Ireland who are ready and willing to do any job you need! Take a few moments to tell us what you need done and we'll provide you with multiple quotes from local traders. All you have to do is view their profiles, look at their feedback and hire the best!

Do you check all your tradesmen?

During our recruitment process we strategically target tradesmen both on merit and reputation. We analyse their experience and look at previous jobs they have completed to help safeguard our recruitment process. We also strongly advise tradesmen that it is in their best interests to complete all work to the highest standards to prevent them receiving negative feedback.

What happens if the tradesman does a bad job?

We do our best to ensure the quality of our Tradesmen. If however you are not satisfied with the work completed we recommend that you contact the Tradesman to try to resolve the dispute.

We would also encourage you to leave feedback on your experience. All tradesmen want their customers to be happy so this acts as a method of publicly holding them to account.

SimpleZebra cannot get involved directly with disputes however we can advise you on what protocols you need to take to resolve the matter.

Rate & Review

What is your rate and review system?

We feel very strongly about your opinions. Our Rate and Review system is a very simple platform that allows you rate your tradesmen upon the merit of their completed work. With your help we can ensure we retain the best tradesmen and can eliminate the not so good tradesmen.

How does it work?

Once you have marked a job as completed in your members area, you will be able to rate and review the works completed. Simply choose a positive or negative rating and then a some information on how you feel the job went.

Why should I leave Feedback?

This allows us build a better system for you and helps others decide which tradesman to hire. It's also nice to recognise and reward a tradesmen for their hard work. This will motivate them to deliver consistent quality work for you the next time.

I want to change my feedback?

Send us an email to and we will see what we can do. All rate and review comments are moderated to ensure what is said is fair and proper.

Will feedback help me find a better tradesmen?

Of course. Before you choose which tradesmen to approve for your job, you have the opportunity of reviewing previous customer's feedback. This will allow you to make an informed decision of who they are and most importantly, what type of job they will do. If you provide feedback then you continue the cycle and the next customer can equally benefit.

Does the tradesman provide feedback on me as a customer?

Yes. To ensure both parties are protected the trader will have an opportunity to comment on the feedback you leave.


Whoops! I forgot my password!

Dont worry! Simply click on the "Forgot Password" link in the login screen and we will automatically email you a reminder.

My email alerts don't seem to be working.

The first thing to check is to ensure your emails from SimpleZebra are not going into your junk mail or being blocked by any filters you have set up on your email account. Make sure to your email filter accepts any incoming emails from us. If your still experiencing problems, drop us an email at

SimpleZebra is fantastic! Can i give a testimonial?

We always love to hear positive reports from customers. Drop us an email to with your helpful comments and we will do our best to get them displayed in our testimonial section.

Is it possible to speak directly to one of your team?

Of course you can! We understand from time to time its reassuring to speak to someone directly. That's why we set up our SimpleZebra call centre. You can talk directly to one of our team on 0871 70 50 777.

I've noticed something that may make better. Will you take it on board?

We always welcome constructive criticism to make our service even better! Send us an email to with your thoughts and we will certainly take them on board.

Do you make sure my personal information is protected?

We take the collection and storage of personal information very seriously. We do not store any financial data belonging to you on our servers in line with our privacy policy. We also DO NOT sell on your details to any third party organisation.