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Tradesman help

Registering for SimpleZebra

How do I register for SimpleZebra?

At SimpleZebra we want to ensure we recruit the highest calibre tradesmen. We have created an application process in our trader sign up area. Make sure you complete all section and provide as much information as possible on who you are and what you do.

Do you check who I am?

We certainly do. We will verify who you are and also conduct research on what details you have provided. You will also be asked to verify your mobile number by SMS.

I want to speak directly with one of your team? How do I do that?

Of course you can. Simply call 0871 70 50 777 to speak directly with one of our Trader Team.

Can my application be declined?

Im afraid so! We aim to recruit only the best. We carry out individual checks to clarify your experience and standard of work. If we feel you won't be of merit to our scheme then your application will be declined. Our best advice is, if your not up to the mark... don't apply!

I wish to cancel my subscription. Is that possible?

Yes it is. You must do so in writing to our postal address as noted in our terms and conditions or by sending an email to

Do you need a copy of my Public Liability Insurance?

We do not require a copy of your Public Liability Insurance (PLI) at time of registration. However, when completing your registration you will be asked to confirm whether or not you have PLI. We can request this at any time during your subscription to SimpleZebra.

Do I get access to all jobs?

When you subscribe to SimpleZebra we allow you to access up to 3 trade sectors. You then choose the radius with which you are prepared to operate. You will be granted access to all of the jobs within these categories and areas.

How do I pay for my Subscription?

We accept payment from any debit or credit card. You can also pay via BACS/CHAPS transfer or via paypal if you have a paypal account. Our bank details are available upon request. Alternatively one of our trader reps can meet with you if you wish to pay by cash or cheque.

I notice you have an SMS facility. Does this cost extra?

We will send you a free to receive text message informing you of a job that may be of interest. If you reply to this message to "Like" the job, you will incur a small charge of 25p. Then if you are successful in your job bid, you will be charged a further 25p to receive the customer details.

You can find further details regarding our SMS charges in our terms and conditions.

Are there any other hidden charges?

Absolutely not! We have a very clear fee structure. A one off flat fee is all you have to pay regardless of the volume of jobs leads you receive. The only other costs you will incur are for the SMS alerts detailed above.

Can you provide me with an invoice after registration?

An invoice will be provided by email after completing your registration on

I'm not VAT registered. Why am i being charged VAT?

SimpleZebra Ltd is a VAT registered company (VAT no 108 7092 17). By Law we must charge VAT on our services.

Job Notifications

How do I know when a job comes in?

As soon as a job is posted on our system we will automatically notify potential tradesmen via email & SMS (if they have subscribed to it). We only notify tradesmen who are registered for that specific job type and who operate within that region. Tradesmen choose the radius they work within at their time of registration.

Can I search for jobs myself?

Yes you can. Click on the "Find A Job" facility on our home page or via your account and browse all the live jobs that match your trade types. You will then have an opportunity to like these jobs and provide estimates where necessary.

I am getting too many job notifications. Can I switch them off?

You can. In your members area you can choose what methods you wish to be contacted by. We advise you to leave one method selected so that you will still be notified of available jobs.

Trader Feedback

What is the Rate & Review system?

This is the backbone of our scheme. We have created a simple system which allows customers to provide feedback on the quality and merit of the work completed. In a nutshell, the higher the standard of your work, the more positive your feedback. This will help build your online profile and encourage future customers choose you.

How does the system work

As soon as a customer marks a job as completed they will be invited to rate and review the quality of your work. Customers choose a positive, negative or neutral rating and then provide comments on how they felt you performed. An overall percentage will be generated from all the feedback you have been given. The aim is to achieve an overall rating of 100%.

I've got negative feedback from a customer. What's can I do?

To help safeguard both parties we allow you to comment on the feedback provided. This gives you a right of reply. SimpleZebra cannot get directly involved with feedback issues.

I did a good job and a customer hasn't left feedback. Why is this?

If the customer has not provided feedback after they have confirmed the job as completed we will send them a reminder to do so. We cannot force customers to leave feedback, however in our experience customers will usually be eager to leave positive feedback when an excellent service has been provided.

Providing an Estimate

How do I quote on a job?

If you see a job you are capable of there are two stages to complete;

  • "Like" the job so the customer knows your're interested
  • Provide an estimate on the on job listing

The customer will automatically be notified of your interest.

Will traders will be able to see what I quote?

No. This is kept confidential between you and the customer.

I have read the job brief but I require more information to provide a quote.

Once you have liked a job you can interact with it. In your trader members area you can click on the "Request Info" button which will automatically notify the customer you are interested in their job but require some more details to provide an estimate.

Is the quote I provide the final fee the customer has to be pay?

Not necessarily. We appreciate there may be unforeseen costs to complete the job. The estimate you provide is merely an indication of what the customer may have to pay. We do not tolerate traders purposely under estimating a job to win it and then charging a higher fee on site. If this does occur we may have to remove you from our service.

Can I keep a track of jobs I am interested in?

Yes. When you log into your members area your landing page will always show what jobs you have liked and their current status. It is advisable to keep a track on the jobs as often as you can.

I am a VAT registered. Do I exclude VAT on my quote?

If you are VAT registered you should ensure your quote is inclusive of this. This means the customer will understand the total fee they have to pay.

MyTrader Profile

What is the purpose of my Trader Profile?

This is an opportunity to showcase yourself. In essence it acts as an mini website containing all the vital information about your business. Your profile contains all of the following;

  • Logo & Name
  • Contact Details
  • Feedback from customers
  • Imagery of previous work
  • Direct contact form for customers
  • Location on Google Maps
  • Get a Quote feature for customers

How much information do I need to provide?

The more information you provide the better. It will give customers a greater understanding of who you are and the services you can offer. Our whole system is SEO optimised which means search engines such as Google will help get you recognised by searching customers.

You will also be provided with a direct URL such as which you can advertise on any promotional materials you may have.

Can I adjust the radius I want to work within?

Yes you can. Please be realistic with how far you are actually willing to travel.

Can I edit any information after I sign up?

Yes you certainly can. Your profile is your chance to showcase yourself, so we would encourage you to keep the content fresh and up to date. This will help to assist in SEO optimisation. Simply log into your members area and click on the relevant icons to edit your profile.


I am not getting any job notifications. Can you fix this?

There are two things to check. Firstly ensure there are no filters set up on your email account which will send SimpleZebra emails to your junk folder. Also you must register for our SMS facility before we send you job notifications via text message. To do this text the word "GO" to 81025 and you will begin receiving job notifications via SMS.

I have forgot my log in details!

At the main log in screen click on the "forgot password" link and you will automatically receive an email with your log in details.

A customer hasn't paid me for works completed. What do I do?

SimpleZebra cannot get involved with disputes between traders and customers. The best course of action is to maintain communication with the customer and establish the reasons why they are refusing to pay for the job.

If they offer no viable reason why they do not wish to pay then we would advise seeking professional advice from your corresponding trade body or Government agencies who deal with such matters. If this still does not solve the outstanding fee then we would suggest seeking legal advice.

SimpleZebra is fantastic! Can i give a testimonial?

We always love to hear positive reports from customers. Drop us an email to with your helpful comments and we will do our best to get them displayed in our testimonial section.

Is it possible to speak directly to one of your team?

Of course you can! We understand from time to time its reassuring to speak to someone directly. That's why we set up our SimpleZebra call centre. You can talk directly to one of our team on 0871 70 50 777.

I've noticed something that may make better. Will you take it on board?

We always welcome constructive criticism to make our service even better! Send us an email to with your thoughts and we will certainly take them on board.

Do you make sure my personal information is protected?

We take the collection and storage of personal information very seriously. We do not store any financial data belonging to you on our servers in line with our privacy policy. We also DO NOT sell on your details to any third party organisation.